Thomas Thurman

An author of magical realism and a formalist poet. When he was a child, his ambition was to write storybooks. Many other things got in the way, including owning various cats, ringing tower bells, writing sonnets, moving to Cambridge, unexpectedly emigrating to Pennsylvania, learning to make fudge, maintaining interesting but obscure parts of computer systems and unexpectedly moving back to England. Nevertheless, he is still writing.

You remember that the boy who allegedly torched Manchester Dogs’ Home is out on bail, and that there were death threats published on the front page of the Sunday Mirror.

Well, earlier this year there was a news story naming a boy, of the same age in the same part of Manchester, who was in hospital after being severely bitten by a dog. People on Twitter decide he must have burned the dogs’ home in revenge. The bitten kid is placed under police protection, and the newspaper sites remove the article about him. People on Twitter claim this is confirming evidence of his guilt.

This could get very, very ugly.


i wanna watch stupid movies with 90 blankets and popcorn

Your wish is granted.

The happy list

This is my Spotify playlist called happy that I play on random shuffle in the mornings to get the day off to a cheerful start. I thought you might like to be cheered up by it too.

In Welsh, where he started, the wizard in the Arthur stories is called Myrddin. In English we say Merlin, which comes from his Latin name, Merlinus. The Latin name seems to have been made up by Geoffrey of Monmouth (yes, him again). Now, there’s no sound in Latin corresponding to Welsh “dd”, but generally you’d represent it with a similar sound, like D. So why on earth did Geoffrey change it to an L?

Well, I read something today (and now I can’t find where), which pointed out that Geoffrey must have been familiar with Norman French, so presumably he figured that calling a character “Merdinus” would bring hilarity rather than gravitas.

Oh hey, I have just remembered I have an account. Go ahead, ask me something. Surprise me.

I’d just like to send you all some good vibes

thank you

YouTube wanted a one-minute introduction to my Gentle Readers videos, so I made this:

As promised, here’s Gentle Readers in video form for the first time! Let me know what you think, and please share it around because I would like a lot of feedback (and readers).

First Filmed Kiss

This is the first filmed kiss in the world. According to the site, Muybridge decided his models should be two naked women because that would be less scandalous.