Thomas Thurman

An author of magical realism and a formalist poet. When he was a child, his ambition was to write storybooks. Many other things got in the way, including owning various cats, ringing tower bells, writing sonnets, moving to Cambridge, unexpectedly emigrating to Pennsylvania, learning to make fudge, maintaining interesting but obscure parts of computer systems and unexpectedly moving back to England. Nevertheless, he is still writing.

When I was little, I thought the moon was a mirror of Earth, so the patches you could see were reflected continents. And if you looked closely enough you’d be able to see everyone walking around and see your own reflection looking back at you.

Tell me some more about when you saw light on my window.
Earlier on you were lost like a slave I can’t free.
I understand you.
Is it because I deceived you that you came to me?
My, my, my, Eliza!
Why, why, why, Eliza?
I can see you’re just a conditional tree
But you remind me we came here to talk about me.

I buy a bottle of raspberry juice. The till rings up RASBERRY £1.25. I say, “oh, it’s missing the letter P.”
The assistant says, “What?”
I say, “The till. It’s missing the letter P from ‘raspberry’.”
“Oh no, raspberry is spelt with a B.”
I hold up the bottle and point to where it says RASPBERRY.
“Oh! I never noticed that.”
I hand over a pound coin and a 50p piece, and wait.
“Sorry, did you want a glass?”
“No, I just wanted my change!”
“Didn’t you give me £1.25?”
“Maybe I shouldn’t have distracted you by talking about spelling.”

A conversation on Twitter between me and a man I don’t know in China.

He said, “Is it true that less than half of UK MPs voted for the resolution to recognise Palestine?”
I said, “Yes. But that’s irrelevant to the validity of the vote.”
He said, “Oh, I think it’s the most relevant thing in the world, sweetheart.”
I said, “I can only tell you what the standing orders of the House say. And I don’t appreciate being called ‘sweetheart’.”
He said, “sorry but when I hear a little dumb-dumb girl talking silly things I think of my 8 year old girls.”

World Mental Health Day

I have been dealing with depression and anxiety since childhood, and my mental health is a precarious thing. In the last few years I’ve lost at least five jobs to mental health issues. One of them asked for an occupational health report, which said they had to make accommodations, so they fired me instead.

And you might not know it unless I’ve told you. You almost certainly have friends who are struggling and hiding it well. It’s not always easy to learn how to help them, but it’s important.

"Here died their parents’ hopes and fears
Once all their joy, now all their tears…
but now they take the lesser rooms
rocked from their cradles to their tombs”
I am in Piccadilly Gardens, standing beside a man with a loudspeaker playing worship choruses REALLY LOUDLY. I don’t know why: maybe he thinks passers-by become Christians when exposed to a five-second blast of music? I would ask but I doubt he’d hear me.

"Sex efficiency through exercises: special physical culture for women. With 480 cinematographic illustrations and 54 plates." Price 30/-. No, I don’t know either.

Cameron says UKIP voters risk “going to bed with Farage and waking up with Miliband”. I might have nightmares now.

Star Tribune Runs Anti-Transgender Ad [IMAGE] | City Pages

There is a proposed policy change to allow trans kids in Minnesota to participate in the sports of the relevant gender. But just in case trans kids weren’t getting enough flak already, some organisation is running an ad against the policy change saying, “A male wants to shower next to your 14-year-old daughter. Are you OK with that?”

There is a petition about it, if you’re interested: